Sep 24, 2014

Goar-Callahan Wedding

This wedding was, to say the least, heartwarming. Those who know me and my huge family know that I have been to A LOT of weddings in my time. It also goes without saying that I’ve seen a lot of love and happiness in my life. However, this wedding was the first one that I’ve been to where I’ve seen ultimate happiness and how much two people can actually love each other. As much as I would like to show you pictures on top of pictures that show this love that I saw between the happy couple, I can’t. I can’t because I was asked to take best friend/maid of honor pictures. They had already hired another photographer to do the wedding, which is totally and completely fine by me because as much as I like photographing weddings, I love being at them and relishing in the moment even more. And for those of you asking why I didn’t just go ahead and take some photos anyways since I already had my camera there, NO absolutely not. My one pet peeve as a photographer is when I am photographing a wedding as a professional and a family member or friend of the couple crashes my party with their new Nikon that they just got for Christmas and think they can now take better pictures than anyone. It’s just common courtesy to not come in camera blazing and disrespect the hired photographer like that. SO, with that, I will leave you with the few photos that I did get to take and hope you can at least see how happy the bride and her best friend/maid of honor were on her big day. :)


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