Mahar Family – 2014

This family……. (sigh) this family is just the best. These guys are return clients and the ones who I can completely give credit to for launching my career (for proof go check out Mahar Family-2012). They came to me when I was just a newbie and still had no idea what I was doing with a camera and they had faith in me, or were just really desperate for some family pics. :) Either way it worked out better than I could have ever expected and I thank you all for that!

Getting back to why I love this family so much: it could be Jocee’s awesome sense of style, Jate’s grasshopper wrangling skills, or Joe and Jacy’s AMAZING personalities and sense of humor. Actually, it’s ALL of those things and more. I have so much fun photographing this family because their character just JUMPS off the picture and they make it so easy to capture it on camera. They are always willing to trudge through weeds and bean fields and even reach into a creepy old house just to get a sweet rustic chair for a prop! I hope your able to get to know these kiddos and this family a little better by looking through their photos!


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