The Girl Behind the Lens

So, you made it to the About Page! As I’m sure you know, this is the page that you visit to find out more about the person behind the camera that you may or may not be interested in hiring. This is where you are deciding if I have had enough experience to actually be good and if I’m going to rob you by giving you some low quality photos that your grandma could have taken with her Polaroid camera.

This is where I’m going to be honest with you: I don’t have much experience (about 2-3 years) and my pictures are different than most photographers’ out there. So if you are looking for the popular blur or sunburst in every photo, this is where we start to have our differences and where you might leave my page. I’m ok with that and I actually have a few photographers I can recommend you to!

For those of you who are still here with me, I thank you for sticking around and appreciating my photos/technique (at least I’m assuming that’s why you stuck around).

Instead of telling you all about myself, I am going to tell you why I chose this career and what I see from behind the camera.

Why I chose Photography: I have my mother’s eye. I can’t tell you how many times I complained during my childhood as my mom would stop the car, get out her camera or cellphone and snap a picture of the clouds. It seemed like every 100ft we would stop because ‘they moved!’ or ‘we’re at a different angle!’ and I never understood because to me, all the pictures she took looked the same. Apparently I didn’t have an eye for those awesome Missouri clouds back then. Little did I know that once I picked up a camera and started taking some pictures (as a hobby) I was doing THE EXACT SAME THING! (I then went to my mother and apologized for all the complaining).

What I see from behind the camera: At first it was awkwardness. You know, the kind that coined the term “Awkward Family Photo”. More times than not I would scroll through Facebook or look at prints of family photos and see nothing but that good ol’ ‘fake smile’ everyone suddenly has once a camera is pulled out. I wanted to change this. That ‘fake smile’ is not what I saw when interacting with people, watching parents play with their kids or a couple’s first picture together on their wedding day. I wanted to capture that true million dollar smile, that candidness while playing with kids, and that love and happiness between a couple on their wedding day.

That’s what I strive to do with my photography. I try to make my clients as comfortable as possible so that their personality and unique character shines through the photos. It’s my way of showing you what I see through the lens.

Thank you for letting me show you who I am through words. Now go let my pictures do the rest of the talking and check out my gallery!


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